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Surprise! Post: Top Ten Tuesday

Look at me, posting on a day that’s not Wednesday or Saturday (and NOT because I just ran out of time on those days)!


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme by The Broke and the Bookish. They like lists and so do I, and this meme is all about the lists: top ten books for whatever the category is this week. This week’s category:

Top Ten Underrated/Hidden Gem Books We’ve Read In The Past Year Or So

Because I’m lazy, and because 2016-ish wasn’t an incredibly fruitful year for hidden gems, I’m cutting the number down to five. Maybe next week will be better.

In the interests of transparency, a confession: I’m not super into most of the communities attached to the genres of these books. They might be properly rated in their areas and I’ve just been deaf to it because I don’t run in those circles.

Girl Waits with Gun (Kopp Sisters, #1)

Girl Waits With Gun by Amy Stewart (Kopp Sisters #1)
Read: February 2016

I’m not usually one for historical fiction, but Girl Waits With Gun is fantastic. It has a great family dynamic, an enchanting little romance subplot, and a kick-a heroine. I love that the story truly progresses and that the characters go in arcs instead of returning to how they were before the events of the book happen. Wonderfully entertaining.


15810106A Skeleton In The Family by Leigh Perry (Family Skeleton Mystery #1) 
Read: March 2016

Again: I’m not a big mystery person. But how are you supposed to pass up a mystery with an adjunct-professor-slash-single-mom protagonist and a walking, talking skeleton as the sidekick-slash-object-of-the-mystery? Answer: you don’t. Read it. It’s the coziest of cozy mysteries. (Fun fact: I met Leigh Perry last August and got her autograph!)



Leviathan ’99 by Ray Bradbury
Read: May 2016

Can I in good faith put a Bradbury book on a list of underrated books and hidden gems? I feel like I can, because I’ve for sure never heard of the two novellas in the collection I read (Now And Forever, which included Leviathan ’99 as well as Somewhere A Band Is Playing).

Leviathan ’99 is a space version of Moby Dick, which is why I got the collection in the first place. I wasn’t prepared for how beautiful it was going to be. It’s a novella, so it’s short, but you can feel your life stretching out around you as the story goes on. One of those stories that you need to read in one sitting, undisturbed, so it can properly drink you in.

Living Hell by Catherine Jinks6437426
Read: September 2016

Catherine Jinks is one of those authors who just… pulls no punches. She didn’t in the Evil Genius series, and she doesn’t here.

I don’t want to say too much about this book because it’s best if you go in blind, just like the characters. It might take you a couple chapters to believe in what Jinks is doing, but it’s worth the wait. It truly does turn into a living hell.


Leaper by Geoffrey Wood
Read: December 2016

Four (compound) words: Christian slice-of-life supehero story. It sounds absurd but it works.

The impression I have from this book is short, snappy dialogue that hooks you, paired with concepts and a main character’s internal monologue that reels you in.

I ditched about an hour of helping with Christmas dinner in order to start and read this book. Try it.

That’s it for me! Tune in tomorrow (I hope) for a review of Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida Córdova.


6 thoughts on “Surprise! Post: Top Ten Tuesday

    1. Thank you, and yes! Her writing is fantastic. I haven’t read anything else by her besides Girl Waits – any particular recommendations?

      Great list, too! The Obituary Society looks incredibly promising. I’ll have to look into that!


    1. Haha, looks like Girl Waits isn’t as underrated as I thought it was! But that’s good – I’m glad it’s popular. It deserves the good press. And yay about the sequel! I haven’t read it yet – I have to reread the first to refresh my memory – but I’m glad to hear that it’s good/even better!


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