Symma: The Cycle Begins Again


A tale as old as time: college started, and there went everything in my life that wasn’t school. This blog has suffered at the hands of my lack of responsibility. But no more! (I hope.)

Sympathetic Magic (but let’s call it Symma) is being resurrected in a slightly different form, due to some shifting interests and priorities of mine. Of course, a main focus will still be mythology and how it’s used and understood in current/currentish media. Myths, legends, and folktales are going exactly nowhere, and we have a full year to wait for new mythological titles to appear!

However, with a rededication of my time to my own writing and to the writing life in general, I’d also like to make authorial shop-talk a mainstay. This the Year of Our Lord Two-Thousand and Seventeen is going to be a year of (I hope) sending in manuscripts to publishers and submitting poems to contests and publications – of, in general, trying to get my stuff out there. And I want this blog to play a part, since I am fairly, decently proud of it. (At least the name is cool, right?) Which is not to say that I’m going to spend a lot of time advertising, or waxing eloquent about my own crap. As pretentious as this sounds, my aim is less for promotion and more for meditation. Let’s keep it #relatable.

Reviews every (usually) Wednesday? Yes! And with a bent towards mythology/folktale? Yes again! I still have a good half of The Hero With A Thousand Faces to get through, too; let’s not even look at the stack of mythological references sitting on my desk that I want to blog about after I’m done with Broseph. Still, I’m going to bump those posts down to roughly two per month, one every other Saturday. The other two weekends will be about Writing, Reading, and the Writerly Existence. Hopefully, the posts will be worth those capitals.

For the most part, the future of Symma is a big mystery for me, too. (I might even have an Etsy shop in the future…) But I think it’ll be a fun one – the Scooby-Doo kind, not the obscurely prophetic,”end up killing and marrying parents” kind. But, if mysteries aren’t your strong suit, here are some clues as to what’s going down in January:

Jan. 7 || Welcome Back post / Anticipated Books of 2017
Jan. 11 || Mythadapted: Judas: The Last Days by W. Maxwell Prince OR Divine Nature by J.D. Atkin
Jan. 14 || Untitled Thousand Faces entry
Jan. 18 || Mythadapted: Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida Cordova
Jan. 21 || No Funny Bones About It, Pt. 1 (let’s hope I come up with a better title, because yikes)
Jan. 25 || Mythadapted: After Troy by Glyn Maxwell OR The Monster’s Wife by Kate Horsley
Jan. 28 || Untitled Thousand Faces entry

(If you haven’t guessed, I have not read what I’ll be blogging about re: Thousand Faces. Not only a mystery, but an adventure!)

As you can see, today I’m also putting together a list of anticipated reads for 2017. I’ll try to stick with a mythological theme but don’t be surprised if I stray. So, with that, I’ll close out.

Welcome to 2017, and welcome back to Symma!


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